LIVE Facebook Chat: Music Monday

Update: Everything went great. I got some new music to explore now. Thanks for those who participated and I hope you’re enjoying these little Monday get togethers. We’ll get on to another discussion for next Monday. 

Hey y’all,

Last Monday we had a chat in the Facebook group about Occupy Wall Street, and it was very successful. Go scroll through if you haven’t looked yet. Thanks to everyone who… Continue reading

The Lucky Cheng Orchestra

For those people living in New York or traveling through, I am currently playing every Monday night through the end of November with Butch Morris and the Lucky Cheng Orchestra.  Really unique sounding conducted improvisation.  This is whats happening downtown these days.

Two sets: 8 and 9:30pm  (every Monday Night)

Lucky Cheng’s is at 1st ave and 2nd st

Brief introduction

Greetings everyone, Chris just invited to the group, please allow me to introduce myself. I`ve got a major in International Relations, obtained here in Rio de Janeiro, where I`ve been living for the last 5 years or so. I worked for the Unesco Chair in Reading, Fulbright Chair and ended up working with the environment, at a NGO named Funbio. I`m still to read some of the former discussions you… Continue reading

LIVE CHAT: Do You #Occupy?

UPDATE: Let’s have the discussion in the Facebook group (in 1 hour!). If anyone is not in the group, e-mail me at and I’ll put you in. 

The Occupy Movement has dominated headlines over the last weeks. Will it go any where? Does it matter to you if there is real political change or is the movement enough? Do you hate everyone in Zuchotti Park? Has anyone from IdealXChange… Continue reading

Forgiving Student Debt

Tyler sent me a Salon article that suggests student debt forgiveness to become part of OWS. The article seems sound, but Tyler’s question was what happens to the banks if the debt is forgiven. Does anyone know how most student debt is held? Would the government pay the banks, or would the banks just lose the money?

Do you have any stories or friends’ stories about how student debt… Continue reading